And this is how this Association began:


     The Seven Valley USBC formally known as: The Cortland Bowling Association was organized on Sunday December 2, 1934 at a meeting held at the Central Fire Station in the  city of Cortland. 

     John O Martino and Paul Bernet officials of the Syracuse Bowling Association. aided some 40 local bowlers formed the association after both explained  the advantages of such an organization. A general discussion followed before the charter slate of officers were elected.

     Since that day the Cortland Bowling Association grew by leaps and bounds until today there are only 6 bowling establishment left that are affiliated with it, 281 Bowl, Cortlanes, HiLanes, Groton Corona Club, Masonic Lanes and Country Lanes. we had a high peak of bowlers of over 6000 and now we are under 1800 which includes the youth.

     The first ever "300" game was rolled by John Partigianoni SR. on January 15,1951. The first 700 was bowled by Philip Lohman.

     AND THEN WE MERGED*** In the spring of 2004, the American Bowling Congress (ABC). the Women's International Bowling Congress (WIBC) and the Young American Bowling Congress (YABA) began preperations to merge into one large organization that is now known as The United States Bowling Congress. This merger filters down from the National to the state level and lastly, to the local level in the Cortland area. 

     This new association is a county wide one that  got its name because we reside in the Seven Valleys and the Fingerlakes of NYS, which now includes the Groton Bowling Association (The Corona Club) the Deruyter Association (Masonic Lanes) and the Cortland Bowling Association which is currently Known as : THE SEVEN VALLEY USBC, INC.