Our Coaches are:


Gary Lansdowne - RVP USBC level One

Jim Stockwin 

Bruce Wood- USBC Level One

Rick Jandrew -RVP

Tina Caldwell-

Ken Smith-RVP USBC level One

Dick Smith-

Roger Allen- RVP Certified Bronze USBC instructor

Brenda Allen- RVP USBC Level one an Two

Patty Miller-




RVP is a Registered Volunteer Program that includes a Certified Background check for NYS

Youth Bowling News

we are proud to let everyone know that here is the List of Registered Volunteers in our association

Brenda J. Allen                

Roger R. Allen 

Scott F. Becker 

David W. Bush 

Kathy Bush 

Tina M. Caldwell 

Joshua A. Cornell 

Tammi L. DeGraw 

Angela M. Grant 

Ricky H. Jandrew 

Gary Lansdowne

David W. McGowan 

Patricia A. Miller 

James D. Myers 

Tommy D. Pietrasz  

Jaime E. Rumsey 

Daphne F. Schedler 

James J. Stockwin 

Bruce A. Wood  

Congratulations to all of the youth winners in the 13th Annual youth tournament, The banquet  was held at the Homer Elks with about 150 people in attendance.